Makeup Artist – Vivian Barker working on Disney Oz the Great and Powerful

Makeup Artist Vivian Barker took some time out of her bust schedule to discuss some of the issues that she faced  and the variety of skin types that she came across when working on the massive Disney movie: Oz The Great and Powerful.

Here Vivian discusses how she started out by liaising with the costume designers (Rob and Micheal) to come up with the makeup concepts. Using the shapes and also the colours.

When discussing the main products Vivian divulged that no mascara was used on the witches and bleached eyebrows in some cases and how Mac Cosmetics had created a gloss specifically for the movie!

To read the full article featured on the My Daily website click on the link:

Makeup Artist Vivian Barker : Disney Oz the Great and Powerful


Love Story - Mariah Carey

A word of wisdom

Mariah style…………

Well I have spent hours looking online for jpegs, for my bbm which can reflect what I feel and come to the conclusion I should start making my own and posting them online free for others to share 😉

So who better to start off with than the idol of my life……….. Mariah Carey!!!!!!!

Here is one which is an exert from one of the songs which I just love at the moment. Its from Love story, I hope you enjoy it

Love Story - Mariah Carey


Makeup Artistry

My Photography

I will be taking on a new photography studio in the Huddersfield area within the next few weeks. This will be fully functional, with props for both adult and family shoots alike. The shoot will take place infront of backgrounds and where required editing will take place by myself.

I shall be offering a full makeup and hairstyling service where required. Keep your eyes pealed as there will be a new site which will be designated for this service, along with a new site which will be designated for webdesign, management, basic videography, event photography and SEO. Then……… for each service ie, Makeup artistry, Hairstyling, Bridal stuff etc All of which I have completed training in.

This year is going to be a hectic one and I shall be putting the work in place for my newest project which i have spent the last 5 years prepping for…………exciting times 😉


Catch up posts…….

Since as though I lost my WHOLE site I am going to write a few catch up blogs just to apply some bulk for my site……

First I am going to post some images from my photographic excursions last year, having worked with the wonderful DJ Steve Sutherland I have quiet a collection of images;

It started off with Pure nightclub in Manchester;

[fgallery id=1 w=450 h=385 bg=ffffff t=0]

The next event which I photographed at was Kyla and Skepta in Leeds, I managed to get plenty of images of Kyla, however a very big female bouncer would let me nowhere near the stage for Skepta’s images

The following event was attending Drake’s interview at Galaxy with Steve, Tosh and Billi, this was interesting as past the artist there is a great personality and my poor little niece nearly passed out bless her (Say hello Jay-de leigh!)


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Here you  will hear my opinions, my likes, my dislikes, what to look out for, music, food, tech geeky things, SHOES!!! and any of the things which make me emotional.

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